UPDATED District 3 Travel Allowance

53 cents/km, to a maximum of $60.00 per Meeting. 

District 3 encourages Carpooling!

Travel Expense Forms available at all District 3 Meetings.

PSTO — Project Service to Others — Cheque Presentation
February 25, 2020

PSTO Cheque 2019
Congratulations to CATS, our D3 supported PSTO Project, which received a Provincial $4,000 grant!
(Central Algoma Teacher Support)

District 3 President Folgo DellaVedova and First Vice President Kathy Greening present a BIG $4,000 cheque to representatives of CATS! CATS is the most recent (2019) recipient organization of a Provincial Grant of $4,000 to support their worthwhile project. District 3 has put forth MANY projects which have been selected and supported by Provincial, from $4,000 to $10,000!

CATS will serve Echo Bay, St Joseph Island, Desbarats, Bruce Mines and Thessalon (Central Algoma Dementia Resource Libraries)

If YOU or your Organization have a project to bring forward, please contact Kathy Greening and visit … PSTO Provincial for more into.

CATS Award

If you are a member of the RTOERO Extended Health Care Plan, you have access to the Venngo MemberPerks affinity program without any extra fees. MemberPerks gives you access to discounts at brand named stores and local places- discounts are available on-line as well as in-store.

Getting started is easy!

1. Sign Up – You just need to go to https://rto-ero.venngo.com to create your account and access all the great perks!

2. Download the Venngo Mobile app. Use your perks on the go!

3. Start savingSaving money is easy. Show the mobile app, print the perk, or shop online.

Here is a list of local businesses in Algoma offering discounts through Venngo:

MemberPerks 1

The Top 25 Perks based on savings for RTOERO members are reported as follows (These could be on-line, via telephone or in-store for Algoma members):

MemberPerks 2
*  Please note that perk merchants and discount offers are subject to change.
** Please visit https://rto-ero.venngo.com for current discount offers and redemption information.

Provincial & Local Scholarships

LOCAL Scholarships – District 3 has established awards of $500 at both Algoma University and Sault College.
                                        District 3 Contact:  Current President District 3 — rtoalgoma@gmail.com

PROVINCIAL Scholarship ProgrammeApplicants, who are members’ relatives, who apply for scholarships must be in
last year from a Faculty of Education or who were in any programme in their
                                                                    final year of a College or university. 
 CLICK HERE, for Provincial Details

The Mickey Contini Award of Merit

The Mickey Contini Award of Merit was established within the Algoma District RTOERO to recognize outstanding contributions to the organization.

Nominees for the award will be selected in recognition of their outstanding and/or long term contributions to the work of RTOERO at the Provincial and/or District level. The Mickey Contini Award of Merit recognizes the great effort that Mickey Contini put forth on behalf of the members of RTOERO for so many years.


Send Nomimations to Second Vice-President, rtoalgoma@gmail.com
The Mickey Contini Award of Merit Recipients

2000 Barbara Lamb
2000 Jean DuQuesnay
2000 Leona Galloway

2001 Ben Smith
2001 Grant Lawson
2001 Jean King
2001 John Jefferson
2001 Orlando Sicoly

2003 Bill Kidd
2003 Mary Kidd
2003 Ken Frier
2003 Mickey Contini

2004 John Fleming
2004 Maj-Liisa Donaghue

2005 Marilyn Patterson

2006 Diane Marshall
2006 Leone Hamilton
2006 Pat Fremlin

2008 Bill Purnis

2009 Geoff Shaw

2010 Ora Mae James

2010 Bonnie Forsell

2010 Moyra O’Pallie

2011 Nancy Sachro

2012 Gary Wills

2013 Gayle Manley

2014 Marie DellaVedova

2015 Bruce Avery
2015 Page Nicolson

2016 Emily Noble

2017 Bernice Whalen

2018 Kathryn Greening

2019 Rich Prophet

Mickey Contini

Mickey passed away December 7, 2014

To View or Download/Print the 2020 Mickey Contini Award of Merit Nomination Form, click the form

2020 Submission Date:  May 1, 2020