RTOERO District 3 Algoma
Service to Others

Martha Foster, Provincial RTO/ERO President, presents a cheque for $10,000 to David Gooderham of the Sault Search and Rescue at the RTOERO Annual General Meeting in Toronto.

RTOERO proudly operates several annual grants for all its districts to sponsor local community projects and raise the profile of RTOERO. In 2019 a total of $77,813 was allotted in approving 29 submitted applications. Through PSTO, districts may apply for individual projects that support local, national and international programs that often involve children and/or disadvantaged groups, to a maximum of a one-time only grant of $4,000 per project. RTOERO stresses the engagement of members in their given community project application. Each year, one project must be selected and approved by the District 3 Algoma executive, before proceeding to the Provincial Committee.

RTOERO Local District 3 Algoma has successfully submitted projects in the past, including Battle of the Books, Camp McDougall, St John’s After School programme, Vision Screening, Rockhaven School, Tumaini Afrika, Elliot Lake’s Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers, Days For Girls and this year’s Central Algoma Dementia Resource Libraries. Congratulations CATS (Central Algoma Teacher Support) that will serve Echo Bay, St Joseph Island, Desbarats, Bruce Mines and Thessalon!

The 2020 Application Form has been revised and is available by clicking the link provided.

If you have a special project that District 3 Algoma could consider, please forward a brief summary of the project to First Vice President Kathy Greening at email kgreening@shaw.ca by February 10, 2020. Our executive will meet and consider all applications. 

In anticipation of your project please consider the following points: 

The nature and scope of your proposed project, including how it supports community, volunteerism, children, and/or disadvantaged groups on local, national and/or international levels. Please be specific and focus on one area of a larger project and explain how your project would be impacted by the receipt of this donation. Consider cost projections and timelines, they would be helpful too.

• The RTOERO members involved in the project and the nature of their involvement.

• What partnerships are anticipated?

• A willingness to work with the local executive to fine-tune the final application to RTOERO, should your project be selected by the local executive.

• We encourage all our members to consider applying for this unique financial support by RTOERO

And the winner is….Central Algoma Teacher Supports (CATS)! 

2019-2020’s successful applicant from Algoma District 3 for the RTOERO Service to Others Project Award is the CATS group for their Central Algoma Dementia Resource Library. Some RTO members and other retired teachers in the Central Algoma region formed a group, Central Algoma Teacher Support (CATS), whose volunteer members wanted to focus on the needs of community caregivers and those in need of dementia resources. CATS made phone calls and visits to those who were identified as needing physical, emotional, and social support. It became increasingly evident that their situation could be improved with the addition of some aids, activities, and resources that were readily available to those living in the urban centre of Sault Ste. Marie but not in our rural district. It was decided to create a portable lending resource support library. 

With this Central Algoma Dementia Resource Library, CATS would be providing both emotional comfort and enrichment for individuals who would benefit from more social interaction and activities. They anticipate serving approximately fifty isolated seniors in the area. 

The cheque for $4000 from RTOERO was presented to representatives of the CATS group at our February 25, 2020 general meeting.

Check out the article in the North Channel Current HERE!

Vision Screening – Bernice Whalen

The ninth year of Vision Screening was successfully completed by May 2018!  Thank you to Carolyn Evoy for the outstanding leadership and excellent reporting. The team consisted of Carolyn Evoy (co-ordinator), Joyce Duncan, Maureen Gooderham, Mary Ann Johns, Gerry Yeo, Chris Kitzman, Susan Allen, Jan Baraniuk, Ann Blake, Carmen Charsley, Mary Coulas, Frank Donnelly, Carol McFarlane, Wendy Piper, Linda Prodan, Carmelina Spry, Dave Tyrrel, Penny Tyrrel, Rita Wagner, Merrilyn Webb, Don Cameron, David Kidd, and Doug Moxam.

A high five from Carolyn goes out to Carmen, Susan, Merrilyn, Penny, Wendy and Jan for taking the lead in numerous schools. A special thanks as well goes to Frank for delivery of boxes and to Carolyn and to Mary Johns for being such a well-informed ambassador on the Shaw Cable 10 program which aired March 14th. What a team!!!

There were 26 schools visited and 820 students screened. Of those screened 517 showed no vision concerns. There were 206 red flagged with concerns. It was recommended that these students see an optometrist. There were 77 students absent throughout the testing period and 15 with no permission slip. Five students could not be assessed.

You, too, can be part of this dynamic team making a difference in the lives of young students. Contact Carolyn Evoy at 705-759-1145 or e-mail her at carolyn.evoy@gmail.com for more information. 

You will find this a rewarding experience . Many hands make light work!