Usually, we highlight the achievements of local members on our “Recognition Page“…

District 3 would like to recognize the tireless efforts of “Front Line Workers” and the huge list of support workers, who put themselves in harms way to protect all Canadians especially vulnerable Seniors, in the fight against Covid-19.  The obvious would be such Front Line champions as Doctors and Nurses but it goes well beyond that to Grocery Store Workers, Take-Out Delivery Drivers, Prescription Medicine Delivery Drivers ….  THANK YOU!

RTOERO salutes the workers who are keeping us safe, fed and healthy!

Healthcare Employees
(Doctors, Nurses and their staff)

Supermarket//Grocery Stores

Convenience Stores

Discount/Big Box Stores

Take-out Restaurants

Food Delivery Services

Beer/Wine & Liquor Stores




Gas Station & other fuel suppliers


Security Services

Vehicle Repair/Rental

Courier/Postal/Shipping/Moving Services

Veterinary Services

Funeral & Related Services

Staffing Services

Building Maintenance Services


Supply Chain Management

Suppliers for Hardware, Vehicle Repair, Pet & Animal, Offices and Safety

Home Child Care Services


Cheque Cashing Services

Financial Services

Newspapers/Radio/TV Providers

Agriculture & Food Production


Resources & Energy

Community Services


Healthcare & Social Services

Workers working from home

Parents who are Home Schooling

Members connecting with members electronically

Members staying home and social distancing

The Federal & Provincial Governments who are providing Financial & Social Service Support for us!

We are  all in this together!