In Memoriam

We have been advised of the passing of the following members: Lillian McFarling, Murray Campbell, Elizabeth Carscadden, John Ferguson, Clement Giovanatti, Marie Arcangeletti, Ida MacKinnon, Richard McCutcheon, Willard Smith, Muriel Hornby, Dan Krysa, Joyce Mackay,
Leona Galloway, Elizabeth Heywood, Albert Laderoute, Jean Speller, Patrick Bentley, Ola Meawasige, Joanne Cameletti, Elsie Frenette, Lucille Laderoute, Gabriel Tremblay, Bette Kaarlela and Marion Giles.  

We are grateful for their memory, their service and their friendship.  We extend our sympathy to their family and friends.

Please let us know if a member is in need of our local Goodwill services by contacting,

Bernice Whalen, RTOERO District 3 Goodwill

Note:  Many Funeral Homes have “In Memory” Donation cards, should family wish to designate the RTOERO Foundation as a recipient.

Information: The Passing of a Member

The passing of a family member is a difficult time for all concerned. The best advice for a prospective Estate Executor is to consult with, and accept the advice of, a qualified lawyer. Provincial laws are subject to change and may contain subtle phrasing beyond the knowledge of the average person. 

It is important that all members of RTOERO be aware of the following, in the event that they need to provide assistance to the surviving family. 

If the survivors themselves are not full members of RTOERO, they may not be aware that they may continue their coverage within the RTOERO Health Plans.

If their existing policy indicates Couple or Family coverage, then the survivors could be eligible for Membership, and therefore continued RTOERO Health Plan Coverage. 

This seamless transfer of membership would enable them to continue their existing coverage without the need for evidence of medical insurability. This request should be made within sixty days of the passing of the member.

• In order for survivors to continue with RTO-ERO Health Plan Benefits, the Executor needs to contact our Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc 1-877-406-9007 and request that a document entitled “Continuation of Benefits Form” be mailed to him/her. This form will require the name of the new Member.

• For this membership, a single fee is paid once a year in December (prorated during applications at any other time of the year). This form will also require the choice of the Health Plan(s) desired for continuation of coverage. Premiums are paid monthly. This form along with a death certificate would then be mailed as per the instructions on the form.

• If further information would be of assistance, then contact the RTOERO office at 1-800-361-9888 or 1-416-962-9463. You may also visit the Provincial website at