Benefits – Travel Update

IMPORTANT TRAVEL UPDATE   (Published by RTOERO on August 13, 2020)

This is important information for members with RTOERO travel insurance coverage. As you know, for now the global travel advisory from the Canadian government remains in place. That means the government is telling Canadians that public health officials do not consider international travel to be safe. RTOERO will communicate directly with all members as soon as the advisory status changes.

The following answers are based on the questions we are receiving.

Q:  Am I covered for travel within Canada.

Travel within Canada is covered. Please follow the COVID-19 restrictions issued by the provincial and municipal public health officials for the area(s) you plan to visit.

Q:  Am I covered for trip cancellation/interruption if I’m travelling in Canada?

When travelling in Canada, you remain covered for trip cancellation or interruption as described in pages 72 to 76 in the RTOERO Insurance Plans Booklet.

Q:  If I become ill with COVID-19 while travelling within Canada, am I covered?

Emergency Medical coverage is available as long as you have not experienced any symptoms prior to leaving.

Q:  If I choose to travel outside of Canada despite the government travel advisory, am I covered for medical emergencies?

You are covered for medical emergencies, except for claims related to COVID-19, while the government travel advisory is in effect. This is a new enhancement to your travel coverage. You will receive additional communication regarding this change shortly.

Q:  Once the travel advisory is lifted, am I covered if I become ill with COVID-19 while travelling?

Emergency Medical coverage is available as long as you have not experienced any symptoms prior to leaving.

Q:  Am I covered for cancellation of international trips?

You are not covered for trip cancellation related to COVID-19 for trips booked during the government travel advisory.

  • For trips booked after the travel advisory is lifted, you will be covered.
  • For complete details of trip cancellation/interruption coverage, see page 72 to 76 in the RTOERO Insurance Plans Booklet.
  • If you receive a voucher instead of a refund, you can submit a claim for any unused portion if it expires.

Q:  While travelling outside Canada, if I come home early, will I be covered for trip interruption?

You are covered for reasons outlined on page 72 to 76 in the RTOERO Insurance Plans Booklet.

  • While traveling outside Canada, you are not covered for trip interruption related to COVID-19 during the current travel advisory.
  • For interruptions after the advisory is lifted, you will be covered for reasons related to COVID-19

Q:  While travelling, will I be covered if my return flight is cancelled?

The airline and/or travel agency normally provides a voucher or refund in this situation.

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