RTOERO Advocacy Issues

RTOERO has identified three advocacy issues this year.

The three issues are: A National Seniors Strategy, Environmental Stewardship, and Geriatric Healthcare.

Seniors Strategy

A coordinated seniors strategy is necessary to remove barriers to seniors’ independence and to the essential role seniors play in vibrant, healthy communities and economies. There is a need for a national seniors strategy that will tackle the gaps that exist in health care and social policies. That will require dedicated funding and accountable goals to meet the changing needs of seniors who are Canada’s fastest growing demographic. Challenges include income security, universal public pharmacare, social isolation and aging at home.

Environmental Stewardship

It is important for us to maintain the viability of our ecosystems for ourselves and for future generations. We must improve in all areas that are critical to a sustainable future. That includes a responsible use of resources, conservation and protecting our air and water. Everyone has a part to play in environmental stewardship-individuals, companies, industrial groups and governments. Challenges include a ban on single-use plastics, common recycling standards, environmentally-sustainable transportation and safeguarding the water supply and drinking water. 

Geriatric Healthcare:  Physical and Mental Health for Older Adults

Canada’s population is aging. In 2020 more than one in six Canadians is now a senior. By 2030 it will be nearly one in four. Our health care system, which has tended to address acute care needs, has had less focus on home care and community care. The rising needs of the growing senior population means that our health care system and social systems need to develop ways to address the new reality in order to meet those needs.

Challenges include geriatric training, healthy aging, long-term care and elder abuse.

If you would like more information about RTOERO’s advocacy issues please go to the website: www.vibrantvoices.ca.

There you can also add your voice to the voices of fellow RTOERO members in urging government to improve the tragic conditions that presently exist in long-term care.

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