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Lea Springer

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Members give top ratings
to RTOERO health plans

RTOERO is the largest national provider of nonprofit group health benefits for education community retirees; serving over 80,000 members and insuring over 100,000.

The health plans continue to be the number one reason members join RTOERO and keep their
membership for life.

Here are some highlights from our 2019 member survey:
* 90% of members are satisfied with the Extended Health Care plan.
*  90% would recommend the Extended Health Care plan to a friend or colleague.
*  87% agree there is a good balance between coverage and affordability.

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All Meetings are CANCELLED, until further notice!  Stay Safe!!

Jack Wheeler turns 100!

Blair Sterling – 2020 Recipient of the Mickey Contini Award of Merit

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“Horrendous, intolerable conditions”
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Retirees and the Pension Conundrum
Opinion by Roseanne Iland

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Phone Committee Contacts

Wawa – Barbara Jarvis 705-852-0287

Echo Bay – Jean Campbell

Desbarats – Marny Pollard

Hilton Beach & Richards Landing –       
             Alice Ward 705-246-2392

Thessalon – Linda MacDonald

Elliot Lake – Carol Rossetto  

Iron Bridge – Laurian Montgomery

Algoma Mills & Blind River –
           Blair Sterling 705-356-7072

Bruce Mines – Rita Rawn

Hope everyone is keeping safe! Thank you to all members of this committee, your work is appreciated! I would like to remind everyone to please inform me or one of the executive members if you change your phone number or email or address, it will help keep our lists updated.  Thank you.  Carmelina Spry


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If you are willing to help the telephone committee, contact
 Carmelina, 705-942-3916

RTOERO District 3 – 1,187 members and growing!

Importance of providing your email address to RTOERO

For those who have yet to share their email address with the RTOERO office we strongly encourage you to do so. Providing your most up-to-date email address allows you to receive timely and important information from RTOERO and your district.

To provide or update your email address, email membership@rtoero.ca or call 1-800-361-9888.

Once you have provided your email address you can easily manage your preferences by clicking on the subscription preferences link included at the bottom of every RTOERO eblast. This is where you can decide which type of electronic communications you’d like to receive.

The RTOERO District 3 Executive supports the following letter.

Dear Doug Ford, Stephen Lecce, and Ross Romano,

As an educator with more than 40 years of experience; as the Director who led the amalgamation of the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board and was recognized by the Education Improvement Commission for “outstanding leadership”; as an educator with an undergraduate degree and 3 graduate degrees (M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.) in education, and a Specialist in Special Education; and as a researcher, I am writing to express my concerns about the government’s lack of leadership when it comes to safely reopening schools in September.

For months, teachers, parents, and education experts have been urging the government to develop a plan for how to return to classroom learning, while ensuring the health and safety of all students and staff. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the government has not been listening. To date, the announcements from Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Education Stephen Lecce have only caused confusion and concern.

Ontarians want to restart our economy and get parents back to work. We also want to get students and teachers back to the classroom, where they learn and work best. But we do not support putting our children, their teachers, our neighbours, and ourselves at risk.

These are just a few of the things all schools must have to facilitate a safe reopening:

–  Personal protective equipment for staff and students.

–  Proper ventilation and handwashing stations.

–  SMALLER ELEMENTARY class sizes to ensure appropriate physical distancing. Elementary classrooms do not allow for 2 meters physical distancing between students when there are 20+ students in a classroom.

–  Class sizes MUST be fewer than 15 students.

–  Additional professional supports to help students deal with mental health issues and address learning gaps.

The Ford government has done a tremendous job leading the successful controlling of the spread of COVID-19, but public health officials say we must remain vigilant. It is incredibly dangerous for the government to be telling school boards to reopen schools without providing the necessary funding. I am calling on the government to engage with teachers and other experts to develop a real plan, including significant investments, to get students and teachers back to class safely. I am willing to be part of a team to assist in the re-opening of schools.

NOTE: I am recommending to all those who ask, not to send their elementary children unless classroom sizes are 15 or fewer. My own grandchildren will remain at home until class sizes are lowered. They are too precious!

Cecile Somme,
B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., MBA, Ph.D., Specialist in Special Education Specialist in Religious Education



Since 1968, RTOERO has provided excellent programs and services for teachers, school and board administrators, educational support staff and college and university faculty in retirement. For over 50 years, RTOERO continues to provide service to members who range in age from 46 to over 109.

Providing a strong and active voice for a voluntary membership of 80,000, RTOERO is a full-service organization offering:

  • Excellent health care coverage that is comprehensive, Pension support
  • Bilingual services
  • Advocacy on social, political and economic issues
    • competitive and affordable, operating the largest Canadian retired educator health plan covering over 89,000 members and their dependents.
  • Group travel programs
  • Community involvement
  • Communication from both Provincial and District levels, including RTOERO’s award-winning new quarterly magazine, “renaissance”.

We also welcome college and university faculty and educational support staff from schools and school boards.

Most RTOERO members live in Ontario and are affiliated with one of 51 Districts into which the organization is divided, including Districts in British Columbia, the Prairies, the Atlantic Provinces, and the Province of Quebec. At the District level, members participate in social, travel and leisure opportunities, political advocacy and District Executive leadership roles. At the Provincial level, members are actively involved in the Forum (the governing body of RTOERO), the Board of Directors and several committees.

The President’s Report,

It is mid August as I write this report and reflect on the unprecedented global events of the last few months. Year 2020 is clearly marked in history as the year of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Amazingly  these events have had a profound health and socio-economic impact not seen in many years. They have triggered a change in the motivation and behaviour of humanity.

The Covid-19 pandemic joins the diseases of the Spanish influenza, SARS, H1N1, polio, tuberculosis, measles, and cholera that have threatened human health. Let’s hope that the medical experts will put the Covid threat behind us as soon as possible with the development of an effective vaccination. We extend an enormous thank you to them and all front line care givers, first responders and essential workers for their commitment and dedication during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 virus has intensified the exposure of serious gaps in our public health care system. It is evident that governments at all levels must address the short comings in health care made obvious during the pandemic. Although some measures have already taken place much more must be done to meet current and future public health care needs and challenges.

Closer to home, I commend and extend appreciation to our RTOERO leadership through Martha Foster, Chair of the Board, all the Board of Directors and management lead by CEO Jim Grieves. Collectively, they provided continuous excellent communication with all its members throughout the pandemic. The effective use of technology such as zoom, Skype, email, the telephone and an updated extensive website have kept everyone well informed and served. Martha Foster’s letters on behalf of ROTERO to the provincial and federal governments strongly supported the dire need to improve long term care conditions and issues affecting seniors. Most importantly, there has been no interruption in the delivery of health insurance benefits so vital to the well being of our members. As the trusted voice for the broader education community RTOERO continually strives to keep us safe and healthy with its vision of, “A Better Future Together”.

In keeping with pandemic restrictions of social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing and wearing masks it has become necessary to cancel all district events as we knew them including board and membership meetings and the annual Christmas social. All executive positions will remain unchanged until such time that an annual general meeting and voting can take place; most likely later than sooner. I am amazed at the innovative ways people are dealing with the personal and social restrictions amid the pandemic. It is encouraging and inspiring to witness many people assisting the vulnerable and marginalized in all communities across our province and country. Professional and amateur music performers brighten our spirits as they deliver their crafts under different formats. Thank you for playing your part in following the rules and protocols that will eventually put the pandemic behind us. The quote by Elbert Hubbard and popularized by Dale Carnegie comes to mind, “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade”.

RTOERO District 3 will continue to keep you informed and want you to be able to explore and enjoy your senior years with health and confidence. As always our team will continue to hear you, be transparent, be accountable and act responsibly for the trust you have placed in us. I thank my colleagues for their support and teamwork to accomplish great things for our members.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible to celebrate the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, whenever that may be. In the mean time we hope you and your loved ones stay safe, stay well and make lemonade!

Folgo DellaVedova
RTOERO Algoma District 3