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Opioid crisis in older Canadians

Matthew Downer is a medical student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and a PhD student at the University of Oxford, where he is currently studying as a Rhodes Scholar.

Downer’s research on the impact of the opioid crisis in older Canadians included the following findings:

  • Older adults have the highest volume of opioid use of any age group in Canada – the second highest per capita in the world. 
  • 25 – 50% of older adults live with pain – the percentage increases as Canadians age.
  • Older adults have the highest rate of mortality due to opioid overdose/addiction of any age group.
  • Due to the stigma of addiction, older adults are less likely to receive addiction treatment.
  • Pain guidelines don’t address the needs of older adults, especially in long-term care.

Take care of yourself!

RTOERO National has sent a strongly worded letter to the Minister of Long-Term Care (and others), expressing our deep concern regarding the tragedy taking place in LTC during the pandemic & the need for permanent change.


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Support Immediate Improvements to Long Term Care by CLICKING HERE to send your support in a personalized letter to your elected representative!

Project Service to Others 2020
Ontario Finnish Resthome (Sault) receives $4,000 Grant!

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All District 3 Meetings cancelled, until further notice.


The Authors Among Us

Lea Springer:  The Yuletide Knight

“Horrendous, intolerable conditions”
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Retirees and the Pension Conundrum
Opinion by Roseanne Iland

Travel Allowance
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Phone Committee Contacts

Wawa – Barbara Jarvis 705-255-1233

Echo Bay – Jean Campbell

Desbarats – Marny Pollard

St. Joseph Island – Judith Connell

Thessalon – Lynda Trivers 

Elliot Lake – Carol Rossetto  

Iron Bridge – Laurian Montgomery

Algoma Mills & Blind River –
           Blair Sterling 705-356-7072

Bruce Mines – Rita Rawn

Hope everyone is keeping safe! Thank you to all members of this committee, your work is appreciated! I would like to remind everyone to please inform me or one of the executive members if you change your phone number or email or address, it will help keep our lists updated.  Thank you.  Carmelina Spry


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If you are willing to help the telephone committee, contact
 Carmelina, 705-942-3916

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Importance of providing your Contact Information to RTOERO

For those who have yet to share their email address / phone number with the RTOERO office we strongly encourage you to do so. Providing your most up-to-date contact information allows you to receive timely and important information from RTOERO and your district.

To provide or update your CONTACT INFORMATION, email membership@rtoero.ca or call 1-800-361-9888.

Once you have provided your email address you can easily manage your preferences by clicking on the subscription preferences link included at the bottom of all RTOERO eblasts. This is where you can decide which type of electronic communications you’d like to receive.

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Pandemic Pleasure, by Bernice Whalen

There’s an old saying —–“Turn lemons into lemonade”. That is what Bettyanne Plaskett has managed to do with her grandchildren during the pandemic. Out along the beautiful shores of Algoma, Bettyanne, Sadie and Jake collected unusual rocks, dried them and proceeded to paint them.

These rocks became beautiful lady bugs, butterflies and other attractive things of nature. Proudly, the children shared their works of art with senior neighbours and family. Soon requests came for these decorative rocks to be placed in flowerpots and outside gardens. Before long, the children raised $136. Bettyanne (in typical teacher fashion) pointed out that they should do something nice with this money for community during pandemic times. The children thought that perhaps they could help the poor people who had no food. Bettyanne booked an appointment with St. Vincent’s Place in order to have the children hand over their hard-earned offerings. St. Vincent’s Place proudly displayed a picture of the children with some of their rocks on their Facebook page. They took time to show the children where the mess hall was and provided a complete tour for these young learners.

What a beautiful, caring seed this RTOERO member is planting in young learners. We are proud, Bettyanne, to have you as a member of District 3!

Musings from the President of District 3

Kathryn Greening

Wear a mask…social distance…shelter in place…wash your hands…

It’s hard to believe that this has been our life since last March. As we approach a year of COVID-19 safety, our lives have certainly changed.  Email, telephone, Messenger and Zoom are becoming familiar ways to keep in touch with our families and friends. Some of us have moved into the technological age with reluctance and resistance; some of us have embraced the use of technology. But we all miss face-to-face communication, meeting for coffee, lunch, dinner, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and saying good-bye to loved ones, remembering lives well lived.

It appears, at this time, that District 3 Algoma will not be meeting for lunch this Spring. No great
meals, no visits with friends and colleagues, no silent auction at the Annual General Meeting. As
time goes on, we will be making decisions about next Fall. I can say that the Dinner Dance at the
Marconi is cancelled for this year.

Kudos to our Treasurer Bruce Avery, who not only learned the new Treasurer’s programme for our financial statements, but crushed it, by being one of the first to submit our report for 2020. (I heard that out of the 66 reports, there are still some outstanding!)

As you read Accent on Algoma this time you will notice our plan for Zoom Coffee Breaks.  Unfortunately, to Zoom you must have an email address. If you have one, but have not shared it with RTOERO, please do so at membership@rtoero.ca. RTOERO often communicates with all members via e-blast (more technology!)

I had the opportunity to meet with all the District Presidents via Zoom this week. Three pages of tiny live pictures and the chance to care and share with our colleagues. Our Rich Prophet, as the Board Chair, did an excellent job of not only encouraging discussion but also moving the meeting along so that all had the chance to discuss and share.

The challenge of technology and the surprising number of members with no email was a common concern across every district. As more and more communications for both RTOERO information and Health Plan information are being forwarded to our members via eblasts, the challenge to ensure everyone receives important information in a timely manner is a concern of most districts.

Look to April for a member survey that will be available in print and as a phone call. It is important that we all give input into the needs of all members and plans for the future of this organization.

This past fall at the Annual General Meeting, changes were made to Project Service To Others (in the past a $4000 grant). The name change for the committee is Community Grants and Scholarships. The amount change was to $2500. Our executive, in conjunction with District 41, have proposed a resolution to this year’s AGM (May 17, 2021) to increase the amount for the Community Grant to $5000. (Fingers crossed!)

Some concern was expressed regarding recruitment of members. In many districts, the School
Board H.R. personnel have only been suggesting RTIP as the insurance plan of choice. (Just follows along from their Active Teacher Plan with OTIPP.) As with everything else, person-to-person contact with our new retirees, encouragement to attend RTOERO Retirement Planning Workshops (online right now, but hopefully as live events in the future) and taking time to discuss the benefits of our great insurance plan are important.

District 3 Algoma is working hard for each of you, our members. If you have comments, concerns
and/or suggestions, we will be glad to talk to you. Wish we could meet for coffee, face-to-face, but maybe in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, take care, and stay safe.